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LOVE IT! the big mug

LOVE IT! the big mug

The Rolls Royce among the enamel cups – a MUST for your outdoor adventure! Enamel is a classic. Stainless steel, hygienic, easy to clean. Since the groundbreaking fusion of glass and iron at the end of the 19th century, enamel has revolutionised western kitchen culture. To make a long story short: We too could not resist the temptation and have an enamel cup in our collection, which is manufactured by the Austrian noble manufacturer Riess. Our mug is enamelled on both sides – black inside, white outside. We have printed it on the outside with our beautiful vanluv illustration. We love the small irregularities that occur during the handcrafted production and make every mug unique. Coffee cup, wine glass, herb pot or flower vase – the LOVE IT! mug will be your new best friend. By the way, our colleague Tina enjoys her beloved vanilla porridge out of it every day. Straight onto the stove. Heat it up. Done.

Unlike most enamel cups, our mug holds 0.5 l and is suitable for all types of stove. Even induction! It has a 10 cm Ø, is 9.3 cm high and of course is dishwasher safe.


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highest quality enamel 0,5 l

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