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Assembly instructions for the rear seat organizer

Attach the rear seat pocket - it's that easy!

You are wondering how you can use the STASH IT! Rear seat organizer attached to the seat of your vehicle?

The assembly instructions come here with instructions for use and instructions for maintaining the STASH IT! the big organizer!

Every car model is different. Our STASH IT! Back seat organizer we have equipped it with a reinforced headboard, armrest loops and sturdy rubber bands with hook fastening so that it can be easily and variably attached to different car seats.

Basically, the Attachment the rear seat organizer in three places on the car seat – on headrest , if available to the Armrests and at the Underside of the seat :

  • Please remove the headrest and put the armrests – if available – upwards.
  • Then STASH IT! Position it precisely around the headrest holder and reinsert the headrest. If possible: Slide under the headrest mounts.
  • Now fasten the side securing loops around the armrests. Lower this again.
  • The elastic bands are fixed with the hooks below the seat and should be attached symmetrically and not at maximum tension. Please do not tighten too much, then the STASH IT will warp!
  • Danger : Did you rotating seats? If you want to move the seat or turn it 180 ° into the interior, it is important that the belts are not positioned at the bottom of the fixed console, but on the rotatable part of the seat. The easiest way is to first run the elastic bands down and then hook in the hooks on the side.
  • With some models, you can simply hook them into openings in the seat plate from below.

security : Your STASH IT! The rear seat organizer must be properly attached while driving and may only be used with maximum 5 kg be loaded. Pointed and sharp-edged objects have no place in the organizer, because you run the risk of losing your STASH IT! to damage or hurt you.

maintenance : The STASH IT! Back seat organizer is insensitive and robust. Should a mishap nevertheless occur, you can clean it easily with a damp cloth, lukewarm water and mild soapy water . Hang dry it. Please do not iron hot. Alternatively, we recommend one for heavy soiling chemical cleaning .

Do you have any further questions? Write to us . We look forward to your message!

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