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YKK SNAD fastener

YKK SNAD fastener

2 pcs / black / 25mm / self-adhesive 3M

Contrary to the screw-in metal snap fasteners, SNAD® is a self-adhesive plastic variant. Great for metal or glass surfaces! This product has no sharp edges, cannot get caught on clothing or be damaged by sunlight, sand or dirt. Installation is easy: clean the surface where the snad is to be placed, pull off the protective film, position the snad and press it firmly. No tools needed and no holes in the motorhome walls!

After sticking, the adhesive strength increases by 50% and reaches the final adhesive strength of 100% after 72 hours at 20°C. Therefore, please do not fully load the car organizer or store heavy things in it for 2-3 days!

For the STASH IT! WALL you need at least 4 pieces – one at each corner! The horizontal hanging bag has max. 6 and the vertical version max. 8 snap fasteners.

In combination with the purchase of a STASH IT! wall we will gladly give you the SNADs at our purchase price! Please understand that we charge the usual retail price for solo purchases.

5,50 12,00 

2 pcs / black / 25mm / self adhesive 3M

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